Now that the advertising industry has dissected which Super Bowl brands nailed and failed TV creative last night, it is probably a good time to take a look at how the Big Game ads stacked up online.

Omnicom-owned Annalect and Optimum Sports measured the total number of online engagements for each of the 71 national ads that ran last night. The findings were assembled with crowdsourcing, creating a score that considers all public information about an online ad’s performance—including views, clicks, “likes” and shares on various platforms.

“Over the past few years, digital platforms have enabled expansion of the engagement opportunity to include the weeks leading up to the game,” said Jeremy Carey, managing director of Optimum Sports. “Now we can harvest insights regarding the creative that have value far beyond a single event.”

One of the main things Omnicom’s data shows is how logos impact digital engagement. Sixty-five percent of ads showed a logo three times or fewer, which led to the highest levels of online engagement. Such brands included Snickers, Esurance, Always, Sprint and TurboTax. On the other hand, Logo-heavy ads did not score as well.

via Which 2015 Super Bowl Ads Generated the Most Online Buzz? | Adweek.