by Nick Harley

Robert Bernstein is the search engine optimization specialist and public relations coordinator for Den of Geek US. Den of Geek US is an American off-shoot of the United Kingdom’s Den of Geek, a prevalent pop culture website that covers film, television, comics, and video games. Though Den of Geek has a large fan base in the UK, here the US imprint is relatively new and trying to gain a larger audience in a crowded market. Mr. Bernstein has the difficult job of trying to build the site a larger presence on the web, using social media as a key tool. I had the chance to sit ask Mr. Bernstein about his social media strategy and his predictions for where strategic social media is headed.

1. Why do you think social media is important to building consumer engagement?
Robert Bernstein: Nowadays, everyone has some form of social media account or another. Even if they aren’t active, themselves, they have Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts looking for something to amuse them while they’re bored  — something to CLICK. If they’re clicking from their social media accounts, it likely means that someone else found this “cool/funny/amusing link” and they just want to talk about it with their Facebook friends. The biggest factor of success for any business is how much people are talking about it. And, if you’re successful on social media and your readers have high engagement, that means people are talking about it.

2. What do you think will be the biggest social media trend for
business in 2015?
RB: I think a lot of people are just going to give in and start using
Google+ more. Google+ is a great platform that’s more visual and
cleaner than Facebook and Twitter. But businesses will flock to it (if
they haven’t already) because it’s undeniable that Google places
emphasis on whether or not a business has a Google+ account for their
search results, and Google is by far the biggest search engine.

3. What social media site is Den of Geek not currently using that you would like to see us tap into and why?
RB: Vine.  Vine is a massive social network that deals with short videos
that are HIGHLY shared on other social media sites.


4.  What sort of ways does Den of Geek try to interact with its
audience on social media?
RB: We respond to our readers on Twitter, respond to messages on Facebook, and we are constantly having giveaways and contests. Our editors also are very active on their own personal social media accounts, so they’ll live Tweet shows with some of our readers to get involved in
the conversation. We also post reminders about any of the social
events we hold in NYC so our readers know where they can meet us and
have a chat.

5. What is one piece of advice would you give to a budding social media specialist?
RB: Jump on early trends quickly…don’t wait. Sign up for new social
media platforms when they’er first announced, even if you don’t plan
on using them right away. Be aware that people ARE reading everything
you Tweet out or post on Facebook, and be mindful of that when
crafting tweets or responding to users who post negative feedback. One
wrong, distasteful tweet could easily ruin a company’s rep.

As one can see, Robert Bernstein and Den of Geek US are still striving for ways to push their social media involvement, putting a large investment on Google+ and its SEO advantages, as well as keeping a regular presence on Twitter and Facebook, using contests and giveaways to spike audience involvement, as well as advertising live events, so users can get off the web and engage with the brand in person. Bernstein’s advice to budding social media specialists is simple, yet important: to stay relevant one must adapt to the latest social media platforms quickly. Social media is a landscape that has changed so much in the past five years, and the next Twitter or Vine could be right around the corner.