by Anna B. Vassalotti

LRMR Marketing and The LeBron James Family Foundation run a successful company in Akron, Oh. Specifically, their branding is what makes people fall in love with LeBron James and his foundation more and more. Konstantine Howley is their brand manager for the marketing team. Choosing Konstantine for this interview was a no brainer for me, because I have witnessed his love and passion in running an effective branding platform for LeBron and his foundation. What is your title for the marketing team/foundation? -Konstatine Howley: I am the brand manager for LRMR marketing and I have been on this team for the past six years. What are your day-to-day duties being in charge of social media? -Every morning I run a search for LeBron James and for the LeBron James Family Foundation. I search predominately through Google News, Twitter and Facebook. I will also do a hashtag search, I Promise through Twitter and Facebook as well. We post on Twitter and Facebook about equally, but we have a closer relationship with Facebook and their team. My co-worker Nick Lopez who is our graphic design manager helps me out on the social media end when I am in meetings or out of the office. Nick and I will meet once a week one-on-one to strategize about branding and digital aspects. What type of social media does the foundation bring the most success? -Overall, people love seeing happiness. Videos are usually a big hit. Over the NBA All-Star weekend in New York, we caught on tape girls receiving new basketball uniforms. That was a really cool moment. We are always trying to tell a story. That’s our main success to the foundation. Personally, what kind of social media do you think is most useful in todays marketing and advertising world? -We don’t necessarily like to be marketed, more so, we are telling a story. We believe social media is a story telling platform LeBron himself tells phenomenal stories about his childhood, how he got to the NBA, and how he stays successful. Our foundation is always telling stories about our local partners and events we attend.

Above is a short clip that displays the foundations branding.

How would you explain LRMR and the foundations branding? -Our branding is what is authentic to us. We are who we are. We don’t market, we story tell. I think that’s our biggest success.

I admire LRMR branding and the way they approach their audience. Story telling is their consistency and I believe a lot of viewers appreciate this. This is important to an aspiring social media professional because it goes to show how important it is to engage and be unique with the way you display your information.