The following information is from an article in The New York Times in the media section, “Facebook May Host News Sites’ Content,” by Ravi Somaiya.

Content sharing tends to have a domino effect for gaining readership. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post content to support themselves. Companies, on the other hand, use their own social media handles to post content to support themselves. However, news sites are now working in conjunction with social media websites to host a brand’s content outside of that company’s personal accounts.

As discussed in this New York Times article, Facebook has been working alongside companies to discuss partnerships. The overarching goal is to gain an audience online while obtaining customers.

The issue at hand is how to determine which social networks to utilize, since traffic can vary. Advertising, number of shares, content and popularity are all factors for this.

No word on when Facebook will officially address the proposal, however one can hope it is before they do (yet another) update with the website’s constantly-changing format.