by Chad Weisman

Becoming an authority in one’s field is of principle importance in successful Internet marketing

With nothing less than guidance, ingenuity, and a WordPress website, instructor Amanda Weed’s class, Strategic Social Media, has received an inordinate amount of attention from viewers seeking knowledge about the craft in question.

At the forefront of the sites construction are side-by-side sections titled Social Win and Social Fail, which demonstrate successful marketing campaigns placed beside ones doomed to failure.

The articles are every bit as well written, as they are demonstrations of the students intuition and ability to point out what works and what does not.

The Interviews section of the site relies on a variety of forms of expertise from sources both from within the school of journalism and from the fields of Marketing and Journalism.

Quickfire Challenges allow students to demonstrate their marketing skills in a group format.

Student teams are assigned to a client and are given a goal that must be met through the campaign. In addition, students must utilize a specific concept that they have learned in class. In the Quickfire Challenge, students only have 48 hours to design a campaign strategy and present it.

The success of the class blog is a testament to the developing talent of the students, as well as the knowledge of their teacher, Ph.D. Amanda J. Weed, whose research in Advertising and Public Relations is a welcome contribution to the constantly changing field in which she has worked.

Consider each of the class’ 150 hits per week to be well earned.


via The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.


Update (May 1, 2015) – The Strategic Social Media class blog wrapped up the Spring 2015 semester with a total of 2,300 pages from blog visitors in 26 countries.