By: Hannah Bortz

budweiser_lost_dog_rewardWatch “Lost Dog”

Who doesn’t love feel good ads? Well, Budweiser knows exactly how to pull at the heartstrings of people here in the United States, along with people across the world. For three decades, the Budweiser Clydesdales have appeared in Super Bowl ads, but in 2014 Budweiser introduced a little yellow Labrador puppy that brought them to the next level. The storyline of the campaign is a little Labrador puppy getting trapped in a horse trailer, therefore being deemed lost since he was taken off of the ranch losing sight of all of his buds, including the Clydesdales and their master. The little puppy finds its way back, but on the way encountered a coyote. Luckily for the puppy, the Clydesdales saved the day and brought back him to his master. “Lost Dog” is a heartwarming tale about how true friends always have your back,” Budweiser vice president Brian Perkins tells PEOPLE Magazine. “It’s a storyline that people of all walks of life can relate to.”

The #BestBuds campaign started in 2014 with a commercial titled “Puppy Love.” In 2015, due to their success with “Puppy Love” they brought “Lost Dog” to the Super Bowl stage. “The Budweiser Clydesdales have appeared in our Super Bowl ads for nearly three decades. They continue to serve as time-honored symbols of how we brew our beer: remarkable care and attention, sparing no expense, the highest quality and consistency,” Brian Perkins said in a statement on the Anheuser-Busch site. “This year, they will live up to their reputation and once again save the day in a heartwarming story about best buds never letting you down.”

According to Chris Jones, the senior digital brand manager at Budweiser “Lost Dog,” was very much guided by last year’s success and some key, powerful insights we’ve gleaned around the meaning and value of authentic friendship among our audience.” Budweiser used this insight to create another successful commercial for their #BestBuds campaign. This campaign is all about emotion, and Budweiser knows from their insights that humans are emotional buyers.

I believe that #BestBuds is a social WIN. Not only did this campaign bring a tear to my eye, but it made me want to buy Budweiser over any other brand when I go buy my boyfriend beer, because every time I see Budweiser, I think of #BestBuds and that little Labrador Retriever puppy. This feeling can also be backed up statistics. On USA Todays Ad Meter, this is not only a win for one year, but both times the yellow Labrador puppy was in the commercial, Budweiser was at the top for the Super Bowl ad rankings and has remained to this day on of the best ad campaigns. “Lost Dog” had the average ranking of 8.1 out of 10, with an all over ranking of number one commercial out of sixty-one other commercials on USA Todays Ad Meter. If I could change this campaign I would continue it and use it on other social media platforms. I would also team up Budweiser with a purpose, of getting puppies to be adopted. Therefore, rather than a Labrador puppy from a breeder, I would use a shelter puppy and say “ #adopt to find your #BestBud.” I think that would make people want to buy Budweiser more because they would have that extra emotional connection with its message because the company is promoting not just their brand, but the message of “adopt to find your #BestBud.”



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