Meredith Wylie


Coming out just days before the Super Bowl 50, Mini Cooper released their ad campaign of ‘Defy Labels”, #DefyLabels. The Mini Cooper cooperation knows about their stereotype of their brand and someone that may drive their cars. Some of those stereotypes include: “it’s a gay car”, “this is a small mans car”, and it’s a “cute vehicle”. Mini Cooper has come out and said they want to squash all the stereotypes about not only their car, but stereotypes in general.

Wanting to speak volumes, Mini Cooper hired famous moguls from all over the board of entertainment and sport figures. Serena Williams, Abby Wambach, Randy Johnson, Harvey Keitel, Tony Hawk, T-Pain, Michai Stephens, and Michael Whinnet were the stars of this commercial, speaking about defying labels about a car that expresses real stereotypes that happen throughout daily life. They each had the spokesperson talk about a point that is related to the car, but also is related to their profession of how they label themselves. For example, T-Pain was standing on inside the car and said, “This car isn’t hip-hop”, since he is a hip-hop mogul. To have such a large group of different kinds of public eyed people, it enriches a larger group that they are trying to tap into to buy their product.

This campaign #DefyLabels is a social win. This campaign was unexpected for a car commercial. It took people by surprise that the company came right out and said what people say about their cars. Not only do they have the commercial, but also they interviewed some of the people that were featured in this commercial about some of the labels that they have been given. They touch base on what has been said about them and how they have let those things go and why they like the Mini Cooper car brand. This is another reason why this is a social win. They have taken an extra step in interviewing the stars of the campaign and why they want to squash all stereotypes. This social win I could see lead into other big organizations who support the ending of stereotypes and pairing up with them to help end the fight of this ongoing issue.

For a car company, this is a really different and bold move. Most car companies have been around for years and have built up a reputation for their customer base on which they like to stand by and not change. With mini, this is not the case, they want to come out and be a representative car for anyone in the world. A spokesperson for the Mini Cooper brand describes this campaign launch as a new era of the Mini Cooper cars, as a company they have grown up and want to show that they are ending all of the stereotypes that have been given to them over the years. Another reason why it is a social win is because of the wording that was used throughout the campaign, they did not hold back when it came to labeling the stereotypes. Coming out and saying that they know it’s labeled as a “gay car”, or that is made for “short men”, and that it’s not a “fast car”. They came out without holding back and that is why this is a successful campaign that is going to make a large difference in the sales of their cars.

In order to make this a more successful campaign, I think that they should have teamed up with an organization that supports anti-bullying. I believe that stereotypes are in relation to bullying, and Mini Cooper could have started a revolution with an anti-bullying campaign. Although earlier I stated this could be the next step in their campaign, I feel that this could have been apart of the opening of the #DefyLabels campaign.


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