The Band Together To Banish Bullying project is a social media campaign created to redirect negativity on social media in order to make the Internet a better place. Three music professionals, Grammy nominated Clinton Sparks, The Mowgli’s, and Kylie Morgan, collaborated with the goal to create a song with an anti-bullying message inspired by real life experiences. In order to spark conversation among bullying victims, the Band Together Project created a custom YouTube page and Twitter page asking viewers to share their personal stories relating to bullying. They did this to promote individuals to actively engage in conversation related to bullying. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 7.05.40 PM

First, each of the artists created a video to share their personal stories and experiences with bullying. They created these extremely personal videos in hopes to spread the message that victims of bullying are not alone. Not only were they trying to encourage victims to share their stories, but they also wanted to turn these messages into something positive. The campaign quickly began to grow and gain global attention.  Australian singer, Cody Simpson, and Seventeen Magazine even joined the conversation by encouraging followers to share their stories with the project.

Cody Simpson tweets about #BTProject

Cody Simpson tweets about #BTProject

Seventeen Mag tweets about #BTProject

Seventeen Mag tweets about #BTProject

People started to respond to the project by sharing their experiences with bullying through videos, images, and other forms of media. After receiving and reviewing hundreds of online submissions, Clinton Sparks, Kylie Morgan, and The Mowgli’s wrote the single “I’m Good”. After they released the single which the artists released a music video and a lyric video. Both the videos encompassed the stories of the bullying victims who submitted material to the project. Lastly, the song was made available as a free download on the Band Together To Banish Bullying webpage, but in order to access it, users had to share the song on social media and include a positive message while tagging a friend.

#ouj4530 would categorize this campaign as a #SocialWin because hundreds of people joined the anti-bullying conversation by producing forms of media. Many people created content using the hashtag #BTProject which allowed people to follow the progression of the project while viewing and sharing stories of people who have suffered from similar hardships as themselves. Also the music video has been viewed about 500,000 times and the lyric video has been viewed about 1,200,000 times. The project ended up reaching hundreds of thousands of people while successfully achieving their goal to produce a song with a positive message using social media.

I think the campaign could have been improved by improving their promotions. I think if they would have pushed the project on social media harder, they would have gotten many more reaches. Also, I think they could have paired with a larger national anti-bullying organization such as  No Bully, to boost their credibility. Overall, I think this campaign was well executed, but the way they went about promoting the campaign could have been improved.

To view a video of the making of the song “I’m Good” by Clinton Sparks, Kylie Morgan, and The Mowgli’s go to


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