By: Liz Sanz

GoPro is a well known brand that produces portable cameras that enable users to film their most extreme pursuits from cliff diving, snowboarding, scuba diving, and so much more. The idea behind using a GoPro camera is that the videos being shot are viewed from the perspective of the person partaking in the actual activity, with the camera usually attached to their body or helmet. This allows videos to be shot in first person format, letting user’s and viewers relive extreme experiences over and over.

#GoPro does a lot of its marketing and campaigning through production of remarkable content online. They publish many of their users’ videos as well as their own to exhibit all one can do with a GoPro. Naturally, they recently chose to do a content-based online campaign for the brand that went viral in no time, creating a buzz about this #socialwin. This campaign was centered entirely around a #skateboardingcat that won the hearts of viewers and GoPro users around the world.Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.46.36 PM.png

Source: GoPro’s Instagram

The campaign started when GoPro linked up with #Didga, the skateboarding cat born and raised in Australia in March of 2015. Didga is a master at her skill and has completed plenty of skate tricks She has no problem hanging with the guys at the skate park and GoPro took full advantage of her many talents.

The campaign was centered around a video of Didga skating around a local skate park with a GoPro attached to her board. The video featured many different angles, including some from Didga’s perspective at the front of the board, as well as with the GoPro placed in the middle of the board showing Didga’s paws as she gracefully landed tricks and stunts, all using the GoPro HERO3+ model. The video is an exemplary model of how GoPro’s cameras can be used from various points of view and can be placed wherever the user feels most fit in order to really capture the experience. Not only did they demonstrate GoPro’s uses in the video, but they also cultivated an online phenomenon featuring some of the internet’s favorite things; action and cats.

A clip of the video was first posted to Instagram for International Cat Day, which led users to the full YouTube video that became a sensation in no time. It’s not surprise this video blew up so quickly because the internet has a fascination with cats, especially when they are doing weird or unusual activities. GoPro was genius in utilizing this information about their audience and incorporating it into a campaign that not only showed off the components of their product but that also garnered so much online attention. The Instagram post totaled 230K likes and over 25K comments. The YouTube video of Didga doing her thing has now reached over 4 million views and counting. GoPro’s cat-centered campaign has been shared around the world via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more, and has been deemed a huge #socialsuccess for the content-based brand.



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GoPro: Didga The Skateboarding Cat