By Erin Pogue, Mira Kuhar and Kelsey Miller

Glenn Avenue Soap Company is a family owned, Columbus based business that makes handmade soaps and skincare products. To promote their beer soap for St. Patrick’s Day, we looked at what made the product special: the soap is crafted from local, Columbus-brewed beer. We wanted to play off their local theme by awarding their loyal, Facebook savvy customers with local prizes.

We would challenge their 328 Facebook followers to  send a picture with a caption of how they incorporated their beer soap with their St. Patty’s Day to Glenn Avenue’s email. The soap company would then post the picture and caption organically. an example would be a beer mug full of soapy water, or washing your hands in a bar to signify bar soap.

The three photos with the most likes would receive prizes:

1st place: The Irish is an Attitude Package to Dublin, OH

2nd and 3rd place: Golden ticket (gift card) to a Columbus brewery of their choice OR a golden ticket to Glenn Avenue.

Why we chose this

We wanted to incorporate a Columbus feel to this campaign and loved the link of great beer and great soap. The campaign also challenges the followers to get creative!

Why it will be successful

They would form a good partnership with the breweries. The strategy is to cross-promote with the breweries and with the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau. This will be then more exposure through their social media.