Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 6.54.56 PMMy team and I developed a campaign proposal for our client Brothers Drake Meadery located in Columbus, OH. Brothers Drake Meadery is a meadery that sells mead on tap. Additionally, they have a large live music presence, including their most popular event, Jazz Wednesdays. The campaign proposal is based on St. Patrick’s Day and our idea was to run the campaign from Tuesday through Saturday of St. Patrick’s Day week. Our campaign proposal included a tweet inviting Brothers Drake Meadery customers/followers to wear St. Patrick’s Day clothing, take a picture with their St. Patrick’s Day wear and tweet the picture using the hashtag “#KissMEadImIrish” to win a free limited addition Kiss Mead I’m Irish T-shirt and a gift basket. The gift basket will include a free tasting tour and a free bottle of mead of their choice. We thought this campaign would be very efficient because it is interactive, user generated, and it gives an incentive to the customers, which will make them want to participate even more. It also showcases Irish spirit and we thought that this idea would be perfect for our age demographic (ages 21+). Brothers Drake Meadery already has a strong social media presence, so we felt that this would be awesome engagement between the customers.