For our St. Patrick’s Day campaign for Join US Columbus, we created a user-generated campaign centered around Social City Columbus’s 6th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl. Join US Columbus is a subsidiary of Experience Columbus that promotes the Greater Columbus Tourism Ambassador Program that allows proud Columbus residents to learn more about the region and have the tools to promote tourism in the Columbus area. Pub crawl participants are encouraged to post their photos from the crawl and tag Experience Columbus in order to win a free $29 application fee for the #CbusCTA program.

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This user-generated social media campaign was chosen for many reasons. Social City Events is an influencer in Columbus and has many followers who attend its events. It was crucial for Join Us Columbus to partner with Social City Events to intrigue their target market in applying to be a CTA. St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl is an annual event that encourages people in and around the Columbus area to explore and participate in fun, adult activities in the Arena District and Park Street. Those who participate in the pub crawl are our perfect target audience, as they are already interested in Columbus. The type of people who love Columbus will be participating in the pub crawl and make excellent potential Certified Tourism Ambassadors. The contest portion of the campaign provides an incentive for user-generated content to be produced.


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