For St. Patrick’s Day, Mukha Spa in Columbus, Ohio, will be hosting a contest to win a $100 gift certificate. Their Facebook fans are encouraged to upload a picture of their makeup using Mukha cosmetics and the hashtag “#FaceOfGold.” Whoever gets the most shares of their photo in the four day period using the hashtag and tagging the Mukha Facebook page will be chosen as the winner.


The people who enter the contest only have a few days to get the most shares, so they will ask their friends and family to share the image. This will consequently spread the word about Mukha Cosmetics as well as the contest. Our goal is to have 1,000 more Facebook visitors in the time period and 300 more likes to the Mukha Facebook page from people who live in the Columbus area.

Facebook was chosen as the platform to hold the contest on because of the share feature and because it has the largest audience of all Mukha’s social profiles with 2,443 likes. As other users of Facebook see the shared photos with the hashtag, they will most likely click on the Mukha Facebook Page link and find out about the contest. This will draw more users to the Mukha page and significantly increase exposure and awareness. The contest will also be promoted on Twitter.