Here are instructions that will allow you to create a Custom Campaign URL through Google Analytics to use in Twitter Promotion #5.  We will track each class members clickthrough rate for their promotional tweet for the archived Live Tweet session for Shonali Burke’s guest presentation (3:05 class) or Schuneman Symposium (4:10 class).


1. Go to Google URL Builder (  Scroll down to access the URL Builder Form.


2. Enter the Website URL for the blog post

The 3:05 class will promote the Schuneman Symposium by copying-and-pasting

The  4:10 class will promote Shonali’s guest talk by copying-and-pasting




3. Fill in Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name.  Do not fill in other categories.


4.  Click the Generate URL button.



5.  Copy URL and go to and create shortlink.  Use shortlink in your Twitter Promotion.