By Morgan Lundquist, Cody Ferguson and Nick Stirsman

Back at it again with the Cincinnati Beer Run, we are challenging our 22,234 followers on Facebook to film their best basketball trick shot and post a video of it on Facebook. By using the hashtag #TrickShotMadness and tagging our page, Cincinnati Beer Run, in the video; the top 20 videos selected will be entered into a bracket challenge on March 28th. This is where users can then vote for each winning video, similar to a March Madness Bracket. Each day of the games we will keep narrowing down the bracket until April 4th, which is when, the championship between the two videos will take place, and yes, it is the same day as the National Championship game.

This encourages consumer engagement because it does not require users to ever “give up” anything like an email address or a phone number. It creates excitement among the customers to do something funny and get involved with March Madness and get excited for the race as well. It will be successful because it creates brand exposure and good exposure for the event for future growth. It also creates brand loyalty and helps build a community by the Cincinnati Beer Run page interacting with customers in a unique and unconventional way.

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