Our March Madness campaign for Donate Life will focus on raising money through the use of emojis. Participants can join the conversation by using the hashtag #DribbletoDonate and adding the basketball emoji to their tweet. For each basketball in the tweet, the participant pledges to donate $1 to Donate Life. Participants will then be encouraged to challenge their friends to donate, following the competitive nature of March Madness. Every time a consumer tweets, they will get an automated replyย from Donate Life leading them to a web form to donate, pre-filled with their information and donation amount.


Ellie has pledged to donate $4 and challenged three of her friends to donate, too!

Our campaign will also target the use of influencers such as LeBron James and Steph Curry. Their participation will encourage fans and followers to partake and donate to Donate Life.

Consumers will engage with this because it’s a fun, easy way to make a difference. Influencers will help to spread the word. March Madness condones a competitive spirit, and our campaign plays off of that.