Join US Columbus is a subsidiary of Experience Columbus that promotes the Greater Columbus Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Program. This program allows Columbus residents to learn more about the region and attain necessary resources to promote tourism in Columbus. Our campaign would focus on those who have already completed the CTA program, and use the already formed community to draw in new visitors. For our Join US Columbus March Madness campaign, we created a CTA community Facebook page centered on March Madness in which community members are encouraged to post their NCAA March Madness brackets and discuss the games. This community page will encourage CTAs to participate in conversation and hopefully lead to a more intimate community that may encourage others to become CTAs.

experience cbus FB

We chose to target those who are already apart of the community of passionate Columbusites with CTAs who are also interested in basketball’s most important month in order to spark conversations and bond this unique community. The goal is to have this be such a success in creating a community that others hear about it and want to earn their CTA in order to be a member, as well. Facebook is the proper tool to create a home for such a specific community. Many groups that cannot always meet face-to-face create Facebook Pages to facilitate communication within specific communities and inspire mingle and bond over similar interests, which is why we believe it would be successful.