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The Glenn Avenue Soap Company group came up with a fun and easy Instagram promotion to insert our brand into a trending topic. Our hope through this campaign is to begin to grow our Instagram following. We believe that we can use this platform to do some fun promotions, contests and customer interactions in the future, but before this can happen, we understand that our following must be bulked up a little first.

Our idea for this campaign is revolved around the simple idea of tagging a friend in an Instagram post. We made a cute graphic that combined the fun feel of basketball/March Madness with pictures of our soaps. Then, in the caption, we instructed our followers to tag a friend they’re watching March Madness with for a chance to win a private soap making session at our store.

We will track engagement in the simplest way: view following and performance before and after. We will track our followers at the beginning and the end, to see if we brought in any new people through this contest. Tracking engagement with the post can be done specifically through looking at the comments and likes that we garnered throughout the contest.

In our opinion, this will be successful because it’s simple. We’re not bombarding people with information, we’re asking our followers to tag their friends, which is a great organic way to bring in followers. Also, it’s so easy to enter this contest that has a great incentive. When things are easy people are more likely to engage, and we think that we are tapping in to this idea perfectly with our campaign.

In conclusion, we truly believe this is an easy, fun way for us to bring in some new followers on Instagram. The ease of this promotion for both us and our followers makes for a positive impact over all, and it is our hope that through all of this we will get some new customers into our store that may not have heard of us before this campaign.