By: Jonathan Mackall, Anna Rudin, Kelsey Crowley, and Jacob Paul

March Madness for the NCAA is upon us! However, we have a different take on March Madness at Level One. As a team, we decided that we wanted to involve the gaming community by hosting weekly game tournaments at the bar that are set up bracket style. We felt this was a great idea because it’s fun for all ages, while still having a take on March Madness.


Mock post on Facebook

We would promote this campaign primarily on Facebook. To begin, Level One would promote the first Saturday and gain opinions on what game should be played first so there is consumer engagement. After the first Saturday is complete, we would take a picture of the winner and post it on our Facebook to promote the next week’s competition and so they have bragging rights. We can also then share the picture on twitter and tag their twitter handle in it.

This has the potential to be really successful because, typically, the gaming community is very competitive in nature, so why not have the incentive for bragging rights on all social media? They would play all the classics against each other like Mortal Kombat or Mario Kart projected on a large screen, but just one game per Saturday. It also encourages those who don’t want to play to just watch and cheer people on!

This kind of March Madness gets the community involved online and in person, can you ask for more?