Beginning on March 23rd and ending on April 4th, Mukha Spa will be taking March Madness off the courts, and bringing the competition into the Spa; #MukhaMadness. On day one, we will be announcing eight different shades of lipstick for a new limited spring edition. Like a bracket, our followers will vote via Facebook poll every four days on their favorite shade.  On March 27th, the top six shades will move to the next round. After another poll we will narrow it down to the top four shades on March 31st, and on April 4th, the winning shade will be announced.

The image is a Facebook post describing our campaign launch. The sides of the post entail March Madness brackets, representing the different rounds of our campaign.

The image represents our #MukhaMadness campaign launch.

We chose Facebook because it has the greatest amount of Mukha followers in comparison to our other social media platforms, and it also creates consumer engagement. The more likes and shares our posts receive, the the longer lifespan of the post. The most recent Facebook poll will also be linked to other Mukha social profiles, thus encouraging our followers to participate.

Our campaign will be successful because Facebook allows users to create polls with multiple responses and images.  The winning shade will be based on the responses of our followers, and they will know they had a say in our spring lineup. If they have a favorite shade, they will hopefully feel inclined to vote and/or share the poll.