By Jasmine Grillmeier, Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams

The Boutique Truck is a mobile fashion truck based in Columbus.To promote their party service we propose jumping into the March Madness conversation with a campaign surrounding the idea of being part of a team. You don’t have to play basketball to be part of a team – your team can simply be those who surround and support you. Our campaign will encourage participants to share photos of their “team” using the hashtag #MyTeamIs and state what makes their “team” special. During the campaign we will remind participants that they can get their team together by requesting a party with The Boutique Truck. This campaign will be Instagram specific, as this platform has the biggest following. Engagement will be measured by monitoring the hashtag and asking “How did you hear about this?” as new party requests come in

Why we chose the campaign

Our brand is big on bringing together groups of people to have a good time. To foster this brand value we chose to connect The Boutique Truck to March Madness through the idea of showing love for your personal “team”.

Why it will be successful

This campaign will give friends a chance to bond over our hashtag and show appreciation, which may bring our company to mind for the next time they want to get their “team” together.

Mock-up Posts