Designing a campaign around March Madness, with our client being a food truck festival, was a task that seemed to be easier said than done. When the dust cleared, however, one thing stood out to our team, which was the conception of the bracket.

The bracket is an integral part of the March Madness craze. Each March, hundreds of thousands of people construct brackets of their favorite basketball teams competing in the NCAA bracket-style tournament. How can we bridge the bracket-style of a basketball tournament to that of a food truck festival? Easy- we let our consumers construct their own bracket through their social media engagements!


We constructed a bracket consisting of 16 iconic food trucks (although currently replaced by filler names) of the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival, and would have a face-off every other day during the month of March to determine which food truck was the most loved by our fans.


The voting process is simple. Each day, a face-off between two fan-favorite food trucks would be posted on our Instagram. Each image posted would feature two distinct food trucks, with instructions to vote for one by “liking” the image, and to vote for the other by “commenting” on the image. This voting process is one of the reasons why Instagram was chosen, as was the fact that Instagram is a social media channel that is constantly in the face of our consumers. This promotes consumer engagement through low-effort interactions.

Cast your likes and comments today!