A mock-up of our brand's personal ad

A mock-up of our brand’s personal ad

For our final Quickfire Challenge, our team was tasked with the challenge of creating a personal ad as if the brand were looking for meetup with its ideal target consumer. When attacking this challenge we sat down and analyzed who we thought our brand was. We know The Boutique Truck to be friendly and very personable to its already existing fanbase. With that in mind we decided our brand would most likely be looking for a friend, especially since the truck is new to the Columbus area. Ultimately, The Boutique Truck prides itself on being unique and trendy, so what better way to gain a new fashion-forward friend than to go on shopping trip around the city? We decided this would showcase the friendly and outgoing personality of the brand, and foster the ideology to always be seeking new trends and new places to shop, which fits both the brand’s and consumer’s values.

There weren’t many challenges our team faced during this challenge in terms of coming up with the idea; however, we had to have a long discussion on where we were going to place the personal ad. We ultimately decided that a general post on Facebook in a Columbus-based fashion page would fit this demographic the best, as well as, seemed the most appropriate given the desired meetup. In addition, we discussed how this location (on a Facebook page) would be the route we would take if we were trying to find a gal pal in the area.

This Quickfire Challenge will improve our team’s campaign planning because it allowed us to dig deeper into understanding the brand, as well as the consumer. By personifying our brand and consumer we had to really look into the personality and behavior, which will in turn help us when developing future campaigns.