Our team had a pretty easy process in discovering a persona for our brand, COSi. A theme we have used in the past was recurrent in this sense, and that’s embracing the nerd in you. We figured we’d keep this personality in our persona as well as our persona’s perfect match,

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.40.37 PM

The struggles we came across in making our personal ad was establishing the best possible partner for our persona. This was because we were looking as our brand’s perfect match is their also perfect consumer as well as tie that around a couple who would enjoy their time at COSi. Getting to work we found ourselves short of inspiration until we finally started looking at it as we have throughout our other quickfire challenges; by embracing the nerd in ourselves!

As COSi is a science museum with so much to discover we established our brand’s persona interests towards that. As for its soul mate, well same thing! Must be willing to learn, driving distance (to COSi) and a desire to learn new things!

We feel this will help improve our campaigns campaign planning as it’s getting us acclimated to our Brand’s digital presence. This will help us prepare and come up with various accolades, prizes and more. We as a team feel like we are getting closer and closer to knowing exactly how to market our brand’s presence and what exactly it has to offer.