Our client, Glenn Avenue Soap Company, values natural and safe ingredients in their products as well as the aspect of supporting local businesses. Because of this, we wanted to create a person who shared those same values.

When deciding what Vanessa Springfield, our brand persona, would be like, we looked to the ideas behind the brand we are supporting. We chose the 32-year old mom because we felt that it was an age that was young enough to try something new, but old enough to consider higher quality products than what you might casually pick up at the convenience store. We wanted it to be a mom because that is generally the type of people our company attracts, since Glenn Avenue offers safe and natural products to use in one’s home. The company was also started by a family, so the value of family is strong. We made her into someone who cares about the environment and wants to help promote a sustainable environment while living a natural life, just like Glenn Avenue shares in their brand story.

Our challenge when creating our brand personal ad was what exactly our brand persona was going to be looking for. Finding a way to incorporate the actual soaps was difficult, so instead we put a twist on it and went for something that was outside the box but still fell in line with the same concept our client’s products represent. We went for the idea of looking for an organic cooking class partner, because the idea behind organic cooking is using simple, safe, and natural ingredients in the process just like the process of creating Glenn Avenue soaps. We chose to look for someone who was in the Grandview Area, the same area the company shop is located in, who wanted to partake in the local community because one of Glenn Avenue’s main goals is to become more incorporated and relevant in the local community.

By turning our brand into an actual person, this Quickfire will help us in our campaign planning because it gives us a personal perspective into our client. We can see the values of our brand and it helps with the primary consumer targeting. It helps us see into the eyes of the consumer as well as realizing some goals for ourselves. Reaching out to the local community will be very important in our campaign because that will be a key part in becoming a locally supported business. It also helps give our brand a more clear voice, which is important when communicating and posting on social media. Having a clear idea will help with consistency, which is key.