By Morgan Lundquist, Cody Ferguson and Nick Stirsman

When personalizing the Cincinnati Beer Run, we pictured a very laid back, mid 20’s, male, who liked craft beer, social gatherings and is somewhat into fitness. When looking into what our personal ad was going to look like, we wanted it to look as if he was trying and looking for a good time for a nice friendly relationship. Our team came up with the idea for the personal ad when we started thinking about what we think the Cincinnati Beer Run may do as a human. It looks like he is trying and putting in a lot of effort (the running aspect of the race), however he is just doing the littlest he can and a lot of sarcasm to get as much attention as he can.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.14.53 PM

The challenges we faced when designing the personal ad was deciding whether or not we wanted to make this more of a friendly ad or a romance type of ad. Our brand is somewhat new to the area so we didn’t want him to look like the “meet up” with the consumer was to forced, rather people wanting to come to them. This quickfire challenge will improve our teams campaign planning because it humanized our brand to the point where we want to sign up for the race now and participate. It’s a fun and exciting time to be able to socialize with your friends while still feeling good about yourself while you exercise.