Mock-post for the food truck festival


Personifying the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival is a task that comes fairly easy. With core elements such as charity and a passion for food, the festival itself embodies those principles associated with someone who is more than willing to give back to a community in which they call home. Transitioning these elements into a person was easy, and, thus, Wes was born.

Our team envisioned Wes to be about 25 years old, and new to the Athens area, although he is originally from the suburbs of Columbus. By “new to the Athens area”, our team meant that Wes, much like the food truck festival itself, hasn’t been around the area for long, but is wanting to make some connections and cement his place his place in the community. Wes, much like the social presence of the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival, took to his only means of social network communications- Facebook- and posted a call-to-action issuing an invitation to members of the Athens community to join him on his volunteering venture to the local food bank, which is akin to the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival in terms of its giving nature, as well its relations to food. Our team decided that Wes would be the type of person who would enjoy giving back, but also enjoyed the pleasures of local food, and would thusly invite his newfound volunteering group of friends out to one of his favorite food trucks of the area after their volunteering stint.

Some challenges our team faced with this quickfire were the characteristics of those consumers in which Wes was looking for. Because the Great Westerville Food Truck Festivals caters to all, there was not a great distinction to be found among the consumers, spare their passion for good food. Since the food truck festival, however, is a philanthropic event at its core, we chose to have that same principle embodied by Wes, who also sought out that same ideal from within his Facebook post.

Our team felt that this quickfire would aid in our campaign planning by identifying those who we should target over the social media channels in which we plan to use. Since we identified that attendees of the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival were fans of food and of the giving nature of the event, we can use those same topics within social media posts to incur greater engagement with those posts thereof.