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I am a female entrepreneur living in German Village in Columbus, Ohio. I love having dinner in the city and exploring everything downtown has to offer. I am very outgoing and easy to get along with, and I tend to make new friends wherever I go. I have lived in Ohio practically my whole life, but Columbus stole my heart. I am seeking someone to explore the city with in my free time!

My ideal partner in crime would probably be in their late 20’s or early 30’s who definitely loves adventure! If you’re new to Columbus I would love to show you around the city, or if you’re a seasoned cbus veteran we could get together and check out all the key spots.
My ideal meetup would be catching a baseball game at Huntington Park and lunch somewhere in the Arena District. After that we could check out all the new pubs on high street and wander around downtown. Who’s up for a night on the town?


Our process in designing our personal advertisement

Experience Columbus is our client, however, we are promoting the Certified Tourism Ambassador program it offers. Our team used a lot of information from our Social Media Listening Study assignment to get a feel for, not only what type of person our brand is, but who our best companion looks like. From this study, our team quickly learned that our our brand is a young entrepreneurial professional who holds a strong passion for everything Columbus-related and enjoys making friends easily. We discovered that our companion could be one of two things: a person similar to our brand or an adventurous person who is new to Columbus, but excited to experience new things with someone. The listening study played a huge hand in discovering this information.

The headline was a major challenge our team faced, as we came up with our current headline first, but then spent an hour trying to be more creative. We attempted to reference and spin off of  Christopher Columbus, nautical things (Columbus is home to the only replica of the Santa Maria), Columbus sports teams, alliterations, and cheesy pick-up lines. None of these ideas seemed appropriate or clear to a first-time reader as to what the goal of the advertisement is. Finalizing a meet-up location was by-far the easiest part of the assignment, as Columbus has a variety of activities for a companion to want to participate in.

After completing this challenge, our team can now visualize who our brand is and who we are targeting in our campaign. This will allow us to make  decisions in our campaign that best attract our target audience and give them an authentic and transparent feel for who Experience Columbus is.