For our brand personal add quickfire challenge, we have incorporated the aspect of Rag-O-Rama being a clothing store and wanting to expand our stylist that we have. We are going to have Sage, a recent Ohio State fashion graduate be a stylist to someone who needs some fashion help because she wants to expand her styling portfolio. We are going to advertise that anyone can nominate their friend that they feel could use an update in their wardrobe with help from Sage. The idea is that someone would get nominated and the Rag-O-Rama stylist would pick out who they feel needs the most help. After they get picked, the winner would come into the store and spend the day getting to know Sage so that she can feel out what style would best fit their personality.

Retrieved from Girl of Style

They would spend the day picking out outfits for the big reveal party. Rag-O-Rama would throw a reveal party with a makeup artist, catered food, and fun music. This is a great way for someone to be able to get experience with fashion with the Rag-O-Rama store and when they invite their friends, they will get familiar with the store as well. For this idea, it was very challenging because we were unsure of how to incorporate the store and a meeting up setting. We decided this is a fun way to get lots of people involved but also still have the experience of one on one. This is going to help us improve our team campaign planning because it will bring yet another idea to the table for some social media action. Being able to get some retweets, likes, and comments is going to help further the Rag-O-Rama brand.