(By: BY JEREMY GOLDMAN Founder and CEO, Firebrand Group)

I’m often asked by entrepreneurs and executives alike what’s the best way for them to better understand their digital following. Google Analytics, Google’s freemium tool, is a pretty strong option. Here are some of the best ways to use it to better understand your audience:

#1: Age

One of the things you can learn about your audience is their age. You might think that the average age of the people you’re speaking to is 45-54, only to look at your analytics and uncover that 25-34 is the most dominant age group. That might affect the way in which you present content on your site. Another interesting observation is how your audience breaks down along gender lines. Firebrand had one client who was certain that women visited its website more frequently than men, but Jeremy was able to show them that Google Analytics had estimated that 68% of their audience was, in fact, male.

#2: Preferred Language

Preferred language is another observation one can draw from looking at analytics. Now, if you speak American English, you won’t be shocked to find out that it’s the dominant group on your website. However, you might be surprised to find out that 11% of your audience’s de facto language is simplified Chinese. If you’re a landscape architect open to international projects, you might want to consider adding a Chinese version of your website, or at least key parts of it, for audience members like this. Offering a good, authentic translation is a respectful way of acknowledging that your culture isn’t the only one out there.


(Full article available via Inc.com) at (http://www.inc.com/jeremy-goldman/5-ways-to-get-to-know-your-audience-using-google-analytics.html)