by Shyann Williams

Social media algorithms are what all social media platforms run on these days. They have led to a lot of changes to social media, and not always desired ones. If you are going to take advantage of social media for business purposes, it’s vital that you understand what algorithms mean for you.

Taking the three main social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as examples, this guide is going to show you what these algorithms mean for you.


Twitter has found itself in troubled waters in recent years as it struggles to understand its identity and what it is. They have toyed with a number of changes, including the idea that Tweets could be boosted to a maximum of 10,000 characters. Like Facebook, they have decided on implementing algorithms that bases what you see on relevance not on chronology.

The feature that they implemented, which is known as ‘the best Tweets you may have missed’ is really just an expansion of the historical Tweets you could view previously. And you can easily opt out of this feature, if you want.

In short, brands are going to be rewarded if they produce great content, as opposed to brands that have similar bought a bunch of followers. The more engagement you get the better.

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