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Dress for Success Columbus Social Media Campaign Proposal

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Dress for Success Columbus

Executive Summary

Why should Dress for Success Columbus hire us? Our social media campaign proposal for Dress for Success Columbus will efficiently assist it in getting a message out about a great opportunity for women in the community. We have carefully researched the company and its biggest competitors; its current social media channels; its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; and lastly, its opportunity for a future social media channel as a means of attracting and engaging with consumers. Over the course of three months (June, July, August) we hope to increase the mentor program by 4%.

By using the social media platform–Instagram–which is regularly used by Dress for Success Columbus, but also widely and popularly used by women all over, we hope to attract new volunteers to the mentor program. Our post will not only be visually appealing to the individual scrolling through Instagram, but it will also consist of an incentive that will drive a woman in her 30s to 50s to want to join the program. Any woman who joins the mentor program will have the opportunity to have a huge impact on one woman’s entire life. Not only will she serve as a guide for another woman, but she will also create a long-term relationship and support system for the woman in need as well.

At the end of the three month period, the mentors will have the opportunity to be nominated and recognized for all the good they have done within the program. The woman who receives the greatest, most humble and genuine recognition will have the opportunity to buy a whole new professional wardrobe from Talbots–one of Dress for Success Columbus biggest community partners. We hope that the combination of this shopping spree and the overall rewarding experience one will gain will be enough incentive for one to join the mentor program at Dress for Success.

Delysia E., Sophie R. & Casey W. present their Final Pitch for Dress for Success Columbus

Delysia E., Sophie R. & Casey W. present their final pitch for Dress for Success Columbus.

JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 1 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 2 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 3 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 4 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 5 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 6 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 7 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 8 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 9 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 10 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 11 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 12 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 13 JOUR4530 Final Pitch Dress for Success Page 14

Dress for Success Columbus

Quickfire Challenge: Tapping Trending Topics in Social Conversation



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