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ModCloth Social Media Campaign Proposal

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Executive Summary

ModCloth, an online-based store, is a brand that has a young, quirky feel to it. Based solely online, ModCloth has a massive already existing presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. We want to expand on that presence by revamping Modcloth’s already present Wanelo account. With a decently large following on Wanelo it would be a great way for Modcloth to increase sales and awareness of the brand. Our plan is to launch a social media campaign using Instagram, Twitter, and Wanelo called #RoomoftheWeek. The campaign will span over three months with an overall goal to increase ModCloth’s sales by 30%, which would be 10% per month of the campaign.

Instagram is going to be where the posts of the #RoomoftheWeek will be featured. The #RoomoftheWeek campaign encourages customers to go to ModCloth and make purchases from the “Home & Gifts” tab by featuring the items present in the #RoomoftheWeek posts as 20% off the original price. Instagram will also be used to increase ModCloth website visits by 10% by featuring a unique link to the ModCloth website in the ModCloth’s Instagram’s bio.

Twitter will be used to create overall awareness of the “Home & Gifts” tab by 10%. With Twitter it is easy to share information with numerous people at once, and retweeting helps to fuel the spread of messages. By using Twitter to make people aware of ModCloth’s #RoomoftheWeek campaign we will be able to draw in new shoppers to ModCloth, therefore increasing sales and the conversation about ModCloth.

Even though ModCloth already has a Wanelo page, Wanelo will be a new platform being introduced to ModCloth because of the lack of the pages current neglect. Wanelo is a key platform in the campaign because towards the end of the campaign there will be a contest where shoppers will create their own #RoomoftheWeek board on Wanelo with a chance to win a $50 gift card to ModCloth. This campaign will increase sales overall by 30% in three months with the help of Instagram, Twitter and Wanelo.

Gina R., Caroline W. & Olivia U. present their final pitch for ModCloth

Gina R., Caroline W. & Olivia U. present their final pitch for ModCloth.

JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 1 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 2 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 3 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 4 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 5 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 6 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 7 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 8 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 9 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 10 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 11 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 12 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 13 JOUR4530 Final Pitch ModCloth Page 14


Quickfire Challenge: Tapping Trending Topics in Social Conversation


Gina Rossi, Caroline Wahl and Olivia Usitalo present their Tapping Trends pitch for ModCloth

Gina Rossi, Caroline Wahl and Olivia Usitalo present their Tapping Trends pitch for ModCloth

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