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Stefanie Spielman Fund Social Media Campaign Proposal

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Stefanie Spielman Fund

Executive Summary

From November through January, our comprehensive social media campaign will not only alert the unfamiliar to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, but will also promote their upcoming Stefanie’s Champions Run/Walk, a 5K race used to increase donations and support for breast cancer research. Using the three biggest social media sites used by our target demographics, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, our campaign will extensively feature the brand’s biggest ambassadors: Stefanie’s family. Using the already visible ESPN analyst and former collegiate and professional football player Chris Spielman, along with his highly popular children, Madison, Noah, Mason, and Audrey, our campaign will not only be a talking point among Columbus natives, but has the potential to make national headlines.

The Spielman family’s efforts will be more than just promotion, as they will train and ready themselves for the 5K along with all the other participants, logging their progress and offering motivation for participants. Maddie Spielman will host group runs in Columbus each Saturday, encouraging others to join her. Video diaries from Maddie will hit YouTube each Friday, which will inspire others to participate, and photos from the group runs will be posted on Facebook each Sunday. Motivational posts, offering words of encouragement for those battling cancer and training for the 5K, will hit all social media channels each Monday, with Tuesdays being used for Transformation Tuesday, where Facebook and Twitter will host inspirational posts from breast cancer survivors showing their transformation from patient to survivor. Chris Spielman will post links to the race page and messages on Saturday to capitalize on his football audience, and messages from the whole Spielman family, via video and written word, will be posted on each major U.S. holiday.

Whether battling cancer or training for a big race, you need a support system, a family, to make it through. Our social media campaign creates a support system and invites donors to be a part of the Spielman family.

Nick H., Katie, T., Ashley T. & Betsy N.  present their final pitch for the Stefanie Spielman Fund.

Nick H., Katie, T., Ashley T. & Betsy N. present their final pitch for the Stefanie Spielman Fund.

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Stefanie Spielman Fund

Quickfire Challenge: Tapping Trending Topics in Social Conversation


Nick Harley, Betsy Noll, Katie Trombetti and Ashley Thomas present their Trapping Trends pitch for the Stefanie Spielman Fund

Nick Harley, Betsy Noll, Katie Trombetti and Ashley Thomas present their Trapping Trends pitch for the Stefanie Spielman Fund

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