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Glenn Avenue Soap Company Campaign Proposal

Our ultimate goal for Glenn Avenue Soap Company is to increase social media following by incorporating our client more into the local community of Columbus and increasing brand loyalty and recognition. We developed three different tactics that incorporate this goal and help accomplish it. Each tactic brings our brand into the community, encourages following, and increases our brand recognition among the audience.

Team Glenn Avenue Soap Company from left — Erin Pogue, Kelsey Miller, Mira Kuhar

Team Glenn Avenue Soap Company from left — Erin Pogue, Kelsey Miller, Mira Kuhar

         One tactic is to create an event out of a partnership with other local businesses. We chose local breweries because we can make the connection between them and the beer soaps we make using their beers. The idea here is to bring our name into other audiences and continue to idea to support local businesses. There is a “sharing” contest on Facebook of the event page that the breweries and us will be posting about. It encourages people to follow us and share the event page as well as including their own part of the post saying why they are excited (modified UGC)  and using #SudsForSuds for a chance to win some free drinks at the event. There is also a raffle contest during the event that forces people to visit all the breweries on the crawl to get their tickets fully punched to enter, as well as encourages them to follow us on Facebook because we will be revealing the winners the next day on our account. This furthers our goal to increase social media following.

        Another Tactic is an Instagram photo contest that encourages followers to share soap carving photos of summer images. This builds a brand community and encourages interaction with our account. It also encourages the purchase of our own soaps through promotional content with the contest. They must tag our account in the photo as well as using the hashtag #SudsySummer. This helps continue to put our name out to more followers and gets them interested in checking out what we are doing and possibly joining in on the fun.

        Our third tactic is on Twitter, which incorporates the Clippers baseball team. Once again, we strive to get our name out there with other local brands, especially names that are bigger than Glenn Avenue’s, which can help bring us up in the community as well. This Twitter campaign is also revolved around followers engaging with our posts to help us reach a greater audience through retweets of our content. This is a tactic targeted at the families of our target consumers because we are revolving the contest around a giveaway of family-pack tickets to a Clippers game. This tactic will increase engagement and further our name within the local Columbus community.

        Our campaign time period takes place from April-June because of the idea of warmer weather activities and mindsets that our tactics promote. It is the time that people will be most active and willing to participate in events and can relate to our contests. Through our tactics, we will create a stronger sense of brand loyalty and recognition within the Columbus community and build a long-term relationship with our audience.



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