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#FindTheTruck #FindAFriend Campaign Proposal

By Jasmine Grillmeier, Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams

The Boutique Truck is Columbus, Ohio’s first mobile fashion truck specializing in trendy and cute clothing. The truck travels around different areas of Columbus and the surrounding Ohio areas to set up shop and host parties. They have a decent social media presence currently, but their presence could be improved. In this report, we will provide a detailed campaign proposal that is aimed to increase foot traffic to The Boutique Truck at its daily locations as well as improving their social media presence and reach.

Team Boutique Truck from left — Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams, Jasmine Grillmeier

Team Boutique Truck from left — Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams, Jasmine Grillmeier

The campaign we will be proposing in this document will be the #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign. This campaign will include both hashtags and three social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The Boutique Truck is already present on Facebook and Instagram, but slightly inconsistent with posting. This campaign will level out the consistency of posts and will create a new presence on Snapchat for the brand. The #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign will encourage followers to post their own pictures in order to receive a discount at The Boutique Truck’s stop, which will be explained in more detail in the strategies and tactics portions of this plan.

The #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign will rely heavily on user generated content in order to increase The Boutique Truck’s reach on social media. This campaign also has the ability to reach a new audience by adding Snapchat to the mix. All three of these social media platforms will be relatively easy to evaluate when looking at the results. We believe that if The Boutique Truck follows this campaign precisely, they will not only increase foot traffic at the shop, but will also widely expand their reach on social media, ultimately leading to a more successful business.