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Great Westerville Food Truck Festival- Campaign Proposal Write-Up

The Great Westerville Food Truck Festival provides a friendly family environment that is much more than just a food truck festival- it is a philanthropic event whose main purpose serves to benefit those in the Westerville area in need.

Our client has made a dedicated Facebook page for the event, but has strayed far from the page’s original purpose. We believe the solution to this weakness is to recenter the focus on the actual event itself, as well as its philanthropic benefits for the surrounding community. We believe creating a Twitter and Instagram account dedicated to the event will greatly benefit our client as these platforms will increase awareness and thusly attract new eyes to the event.

Team WFTF from left — Mackenzie Holden, Abbey Saddler, Jonathan Camargo

Team WFTF from left — Mackenzie Holden, Abbey Saddler, Jonathan Camargo

Our over-all goal for this campaign is to increase awareness of the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival. Our strategy revolves around highlighting the philanthropic benefits of the event, all the while generating ‘hype’ centered around the event itself through countdowns and other promotional content. To keep engagement steady year-round, our team suggests the maintenance of these social media channels on the event itself, rather than straying away from the festival, which is what the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival’s current social media presence has done.

By expanding onto other social media platforms, our team plans to grow the Great Westerville Food Truck Festival into a thriving staple of the Westerville community, both physically and virtually. To measure our success with this campaign, we plan to evaluate the campaign at three specific points in time- the beginning, or launch of the campaign, a month into the campaign, and a few weeks after the end of the actual festival. With our analysis of the festival, as well as strategically planned tactics, we believe this will help the festival accomplish its goal of increasing awareness, and thusly attendance, of the event.