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#UniqueIsYou – Mukha Spa

Mukha Cosmetics is a fast growing makeup company whose goal is to increase recognition of their unique custom cosmetics line. We want to raise our brand awareness by 20% by the end of August 2016. Our main priorities are to offer superior quality products and deliver excellent customer satisfaction. To keep up with our competitors, it is essential for us to create a two-way conversation with our audience and increase consumer engagement. Mukha Cosmetics is currently established on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but we are making a Pinterest presence in order for our campaign launch to be successful. Our users will engage with a variety of social media platforms, thus allowing us to reach the maximum amount of people.

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke


Our campaign, #UniqueIsYou, will promote a custom color line and demonstrate that every individual in our audience is unique. We are showing our target consumer that Mukha Cosmetics can help every user love themselves by providing them a custom color that best suits them. The color we provide them will be based on a tweet that they send us describing their personality. This personal message will allow our consumers to love their own unique self, helps the company reach a maximum amount of consumers, and enables our audience to feel like they have our undivided attention.  We have planned out our strategies, organized a three month calendar, and we will use social media tactics to achieve our goals and objectives, and increase brand awareness for Mukha Cosmetics.

Young Entrepreneur Shama Hyder Gives Us A Look Into Her Genius Mind

By Madison Chelminski

Shama Hyder is the CEO of her own company, a best selling author, and TV and web personality,  all at the age of 30. Shama started company, Zen Marketing Group – an award winning web marketing and digital PR firm, when she was 22 years old. Since then she has spoke on multiple stages, been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine, and has even been honored by the White House and The United Nations as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country. As you can see, her resume is anything but average. Shama has a 37,000 person following on her Twitter account, and uses it to connect with them daily. When it came to finding someone who was proficient with social media, I felt there was no other option than to interview Shama, considering her successes.

Madison Chelminski (Q1): Why do you think social media is important to build customer engagement?

Shama Hyder- Retrieved from LinkedIn account

Shama Hyder: That’s where the customers are! Customer expectations have changed. They expect a company to be listening when they speak on Twitter, or when they leave a comment on Facebook.

MC (Q2): What do you think is the most upcoming trend in social media? and why is that trend important?

SH: Live streaming. Video is Huge. The closet thing we have to face to face communication!

MC (Q3): What social media platform is most vital for you and your company? Why?

SH: I love Twitter. It was a way of letting people connect almost instantly.

MC (Q4): Have you faced any social media challenges or fails?

SH:The challenge is to stand out in a noisy world.  And, you do have to experiment a bit to get the right tone!

MC (Q5): What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring social media professional?

SH: Always keep learning. This field changes too much not to have a love of learning.

Unfortunately, since Shama is so busying traveling, the interview had to take place via email and was relatively short. I would have loved to sit down with her and pick her brain. She is smart about this industry, and knows how quickly things can change. She knows where the customers are and what they want, hence her “Master of Marketing” title. I am fascinated and inspired that not only is she so successful at 30 years old, but that she is  a woman proving herself in the business world, and she is doing it right.

SeaWorld Takes Another Loss With Twitter Campaign

By Madison Chelminski

You may remember when the documentary Blackfish was released back in 2013. It highlighted the lives of killer whales living in Sea World and the negative effects of their captivity, including attacks on humans, one being a trainer that was killed back in 2010. After the film was released to the public, Sea World’s image was tarnished. Although the park claimed that the documentary was “shamefully dishonest, deliberately misleading, and scientifically inaccurate”, ticket sales plunged. In order to regain the public’s trust and increase sales once again, they created a multi-million dollar social media campaign in which they asked people on Twitter to ask any questions they had, using the hashtag #AskSeaWorld. Unfortunately, Sea World received thousands of angry and critical questions that were left unanswered by the corporation. Some of the questions even came from well-known organizations, such as PETA, tweeting “If mother-calf bond is ‘valued’ at your parks, why have you separated 19 calves from their mothers?”. Another tweet from the Blue Planet Society asked “The last UK dolphinarium closed in 1993. Why are you persisting with a cruel & archaic business model that is clearly failing?”. Things got a little messy when Sea World responded on Twitter by calling these people “trolls” and “bots”. With the sassy tweets from the park, Twitter users tolerance for the attempted campaign dwindled quick.

Example of many upset Tweeters' response to #AskSeaWorld

PETA chimes in on the #AskSeaWorld campaign.

In the parks defense, their hashtag was at the top of the trending list on Twitter. Although, the cliche saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” didn’t quite work in the favor of Sea World. In march of 2015, after the campaign was launched, CNN Money reported that their stock had been down nearly 40% in the past year, and about 50% below their all-time high. New York Post also highlighted on their net income plunging 85% and revenue 3%. Even Sea World’s previous killer whale trainer, John Hargove, turned against the park publicly on The Daily Show with John Stewart. After the campaign costing them millions, it’s safe to say it was a fail in both Sea Worlds pocket and reputation.

Using audience content as part of a campaign can be risky. A good example of this is the Bill Cosby Meme incident back in 2014. Bill Cosby tweeted out to his followers a photo of him asking them to create funny memes with it. It quickly backfired when people started to implement his previous rape allegations into the memes, creating a mockery of himself. Sea World could have possibly done some research before leaving their image in the hands of the already angry public. Since the hashtag #AskSeaWorld was trending, it made all the negative tweets even more accessible and exposed to users of Twitter. They probably could have benefited better from shifting away from the problem, rather than micro focusing on it. Creating their own user generated content would have given them control of the situation, in which they definitely lacked in this campaign. Perhaps they will give it another shot this year.

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Revlon’s ‘Love Is On’ Campaign is Winning Hearts this Valentines Day

By Madison Chelminski

It’s almost Valentines Day and with love in the air, Revlon’s new ‘Love Is On’ campaign just might put them back on top. But with large competitors of L’Oreal and Estee Lauder, they are going to have to put up a fight. The tagline for the campaign “Love Is On” was created by genius chief executive, Lorenzo Delpani, by scrambling the companies name, Revlon. This new campaign focuses on getting women to “choose love” using print, digital, and social media ads . The question is, what does makeup have to do with love? Delpani explains, “When you put on makeup, it’s like opening the possibilities of love”. Revlon released a video revealing an experiment they did called the “Love Test”, where they asked women to try a beauty routine for one week and see how their relationship was affected. This seems a bit superficial, but the video was actually pretty cute, and other viewers thought so to with almost 8 million views on Youtube. Multiple users of the site commented how they “teared up” and “loved it”. You can make your verdict up here:

Revlon also launched a social media component to campaign, where you can post a picture on Twitter of yourself blowing a kiss into the camera with the hashtag #ChooseLove, and they will post it to their website. And it doesn’t stop there. There is a jumbo tron in Times Square with a kiss cam that any couple can featured on if they get lucky. Traditional adverts are also being included in the campaign with celebrity endorsers such as Halle Berry, and Olive Wilde. You can even go to the companies website if you want to read your love horoscope and get some dating advice. You can’t say they aren’t putting in their best effort here. This campaign is a strive for Revlon Inc. to increase sales after years on the decline. But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for them, as Bloomberg reports that shares rose the most in more than two years last month.

While this campaigns wings are still growing, it’s looking to be a social win. As digital technology is boosting, Revlon is taking advantage of the opportunity to expand across numerous screens. While increasing sales is an obvious goal, Revlon is connecting and interacting with women on multiple levels, considering the extra mile with the horoscopes and dating tips. Revlon has even teamed up with mammoth companies such as Google, Refinery29, and beauty magazine Cosmopolitan. I am no expert and this marketing team seems to finally have a grab on things, but I would keep pushing digital efforts over TV and print. Possibly move to Snapchat and use Cosmopolitans channel to promote products with makeover videos. Instagram is also becoming a very large element to advertising and sponsoring. With beauty bloggers and just beautiful people with a large following making careers out of promoting products, Revlon could use them to a great advantage.


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