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#UniqueIsYou – Mukha Spa

Mukha Cosmetics is a fast growing makeup company whose goal is to increase recognition of their unique custom cosmetics line. We want to raise our brand awareness by 20% by the end of August 2016. Our main priorities are to offer superior quality products and deliver excellent customer satisfaction. To keep up with our competitors, it is essential for us to create a two-way conversation with our audience and increase consumer engagement. Mukha Cosmetics is currently established on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but we are making a Pinterest presence in order for our campaign launch to be successful. Our users will engage with a variety of social media platforms, thus allowing us to reach the maximum amount of people.

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke


Our campaign, #UniqueIsYou, will promote a custom color line and demonstrate that every individual in our audience is unique. We are showing our target consumer that Mukha Cosmetics can help every user love themselves by providing them a custom color that best suits them. The color we provide them will be based on a tweet that they send us describing their personality. This personal message will allow our consumers to love their own unique self, helps the company reach a maximum amount of consumers, and enables our audience to feel like they have our undivided attention.  We have planned out our strategies, organized a three month calendar, and we will use social media tactics to achieve our goals and objectives, and increase brand awareness for Mukha Cosmetics.

NYPD’s Good Intentions End Badly

By Rachel Sider

The New York City Police Department mostly known as the NYPD, officially the City of New York Police Department, is considered to be the largest municipal police force in the United States. This police force has primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within all five boroughs of New York City.

With the constant negative press that police all over the country have been receiving these past few years as a result of brutality cases, the Public Relations Department of the NYPD thought a social media campaign would be a great, positive way to promote the NYPD and police all over the country.


Picture from: CNN.com

On a Tuesday afternoon, their Twitter account, @NYPDNews, tweeted, “Do you have a photo w/a member of the NYPD? Tweet us and tag it #myNYPD. It may be featured on our Facebook.” What sounded like a great, uplifting idea totally backfired on them. The fed-up public decided to turn the hashtag around. Hundreds of angry citizens used it to accompany images of disturbing police brutality.  In classic social media matter, this campaign gained attention not just in New York but nationally. People from all over the United States started tweeting negative feedback about their personal experiences with the police, while continuing to use #MyNYPD.

Other citizens who have been or are currently in the police force were very upset with how the campaign resulted. However, many of them say that it was poor planning on the NYPD’s fault. When you are dealing with subjects and groups that have a political twist to them, social media campaigns can result in a bad situation. When behind the screen, users are fearless with their words. They will say what they feel, with no fear in what the community thinks. This is what happened with the #MyNYPD campaign.


Picture from: Associated Press

I have no doubt that NYPD had only great intentions for the Twitter campaign. The community abused this campaign and rather than using it as positive publicity, used it to take out their anger towards the police and make their words heard.

Sometimes, on social media when something goes wrong, how the company handles it is the cherry             on top of the cake. It can truly hurt or help the situation. What hurt this campaign even more is how they handled the negative comments. NYPD decided it was best to totally ignore it and not address it at all. Dan Hill, president of integrated and a former New Mexico police spokesperson, Tweeted about the New York City Police Department should have used humor to handle the situation instead of ignoring it. I personally agree with him. It would have showed the public that they meant no harm but clearly offended a large portion of the public.

This campaign was a social fail. With over 150 police brutality photos and endless amounts of negative commentary, NYPD did not have success. It angered the community instead of doing the opposite of what a social media campaign is supposed to do. I think this is the perfect example of the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” When you ask for people to chime in on a controversial public conversation, you cannot help but to be ready for whatever may be said, and realize that you have zero control once it’s out there.




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Nike Influences Women To Be #BetterForIt

Rachel Sider

When the average person thinks of buying athletic wear, they think of Nike. Nike is one of the largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel in the world. Along with that, Nike has been known for its huge campaigns. Usually, these eye catching, thought provoking campaigns focus on already accomplished athletes such as LeBron James and Michael Jordon. This year, Nike has yet again launched another successful campaign with a twist. They decided to focus on women this time, making the #BetterForIt campaign their biggest advertising push yet. 11a332b0-c4f3-0132-4599-0ebc4eccb42f

Nike’s #BetterForIt campaign debuted with a 60-second ad  created by Wieden+Kennedy and it was revealed during the MTV Music Awards on a Sunday night. The advertisement showed every day women at a gym and let the audience hear what they were thinking during their various workouts. Along with the TV commercials,  Nike also encouraged women to share their experiences on social media, using the #BetterForIt hashtag following their “90-day better for it challenge”,  which combines workouts from Nike’s various apps.

The reason why Nike put this campaign on is simple. They see women as a major and important part of their customer base. They already have the majority of athletic men’s support and trust. By targeting women, according to Business Insider, Nike believes they could add $2 billion of additional sales by 2017.

The #BetterForIt movement includes insights from top athletes, including four-time gold medalist and track and field star, Allyson Felix. Having top athletes’ insights and support gives Nike’s campaign more credibility, which engages fans and those interested in fitness even more. Another reason why this campaign attracts women is because Nike has a 40+ year history of serving and innovating for female athletes. Over the years, they have developed many products and services tailored for what women want and need. This campaign also had so many participants, partly because Nike is the most recognizable athletic clothing and shoe brand  manufacturer and supplier in the world. When a well known  company puts on a campaign, their buyers want to engage with it because it is part of the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” theory.

This campaign let women not feel intimidated when they work out. #BetterForIt is more thanbetteforit__medium_4x3 just a hashtag. This campaign is a call to action to share, promote and embrace women’s fitness and sports. Nike invited their global community of athletes to push themselves further, whether it’s a personal best or the latest marathon. #BetterForIt was targeted toward women, but offered all athletes collective inspiration to reach new heights while sharing their experiences.

I believe that Nike’s Better For It campaign was an extremely successful social media campaign, making it a social win. Not only did the kick off, “Inner Thoughts” video have over 8 million views, but it also reached out to millions of women. In their press release, Nike spoke out in regards to the campaign saying that they now have a “digital community of 70 million women who look to the brand when it comes to fitness”. Also, the #BetterForIt hashtag was seen in over 800,000 tweets across the world, ranging from major Olympic champions to every day people.


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