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Rag-O-Rama and The Salvation Army join together for Spring Cleaning

According to Brand Bastion Incorporated, the role of social media in retail marketing has massively increased over the last 10 years. In an article, they found that social media drives more retail traffic than any other channel while building and maintaining brand reputation, while acquiring and maintaining consumers (Brand Bastion, 2014). Based on this information, our team created a social media campaign for our client Rag-O-Rama.

Team Rag-O-Rama from left — Meredith Wylie, Reagan Canaday, Justin Gamble and Sophia Borghese

Team Rag-O-Rama from left — Meredith Wylie, Reagan Canaday, Justin Gamble and Sophia Borghese

Our client’s goal is to increase engagement among social media platforms. In order to create a clearer vision for the campaign, we construct the objective to increase posts of original user-generated content on social media platforms by 40% in 3 months. This gave us a clear and measurable time frame in order to create the most successful campaign. In order to achieve the goal and objective we created the “Spring Cleaning with The Salvation Army”. Over three months, Our client Rag-O-Rama will work with The Salvation Army to collect clothing in their store. Whatever cannot be bought back for money or store credit, they will ask consumers to donate them to the salvation army in return for 10% off their next purchase.

The campaign will utilize the top three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Through this campaign we will use Instagram in order to drive sales by posting retail items and available merchandise. Through twitter, the goal is to create personal relationships with our clients and create positive relationships with consumers. Lastly, our campaign will use Facebook in order to gain reach, give information to consumers. and promote the campaign through ads.


Campaign Proposal Presentation:


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Tony Caporale: Social Media Creates A Two-Way Conversation

by: Sophia Borghese


Tony Caporale is the founder and CEO of Twinbear, a small social media management agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Caporale’s start to working in social media began when he was the touring & production manager for rock band, Collective Soul. When 2004 came around, social media was limited to MySpace. But MySpace was the perfect way to actually see how Collective Soul fans were reacting to the bands and musicians they were listening too.

Moving forward, Caporale saw that both bands and brands have fans who want to connect with and define what they love. It was 2009 when he realized that he could have the same conversation with food consumers as he did with music listeners, then on Facebook pretty much exclusively. Now, his full-time job is working on platforms for Golden Corral — a restaurant many know, today, as the “Best Buffet in the USA.

Since I am quite passionate about Golden Corral, not just for the food but also the brand, I thought it would be interesting to interview Caporale to learn more about GC social. Here is what he told me:

Sophia Borghese: You mentioned that social media a full time job, how time should a new social media professional expect to spend on their new job?
Tony Caporale: This is hard to answer with a simple amount of time. As there are several roles which could define a social media professional… But if you are assigned to be an accounts manager, which defines most entry level opportunities, you will probably be assigned to cover more than one account. This person should plan on spending a good amount of time in front of a computer screen… The good news? It can be done remotely more and more. So you wouldn’t necessarily be stuck behind a desk all day.
SB: What companies/organizations do are think are “doing it right” when it comes to social media?  Why?
TC: There are a lot of great examples out there of companies “doing it right”. Because my company focuses primarily in the food-service industry, we see a variety of strategies. And each could be judged as successful in very different ways. I guess it would be important to define “doing it right”… For me, it means when a company creates great meaningful content that has organic positive performance with a premium falling under “engagement”. When a brand can establish a voice and communicate with it’s customers and online users in a way that builds trust and loyalty, they’re doing it right. Oreos, Little Caesars Pizza, Golden Corral, Taco Bell are a few I would say are in this category.


SB: Can you tell me more about some of GC’s hardcore fans?

TC: Think NASCAR. The true GC fan visits the restaurant more than 70 times per year. They are our mavens. They are our advocates and ambassadors online. When someone says something negative, they fire back highlighting their great experiences. They truly believe that because they’re a fan, the company is grateful and more successful as a result of their loyalty.

SB: What do you think is the most important upcoming trend in social media and why is that trend important?

TC: I think the most important trend is user generated content. Because everyone has the ability to “produce” content, we will continue to see a rise in what they produce and how businesses will incorporate that in their advertising and social media content. It is important because it’s viewed as authentic.

SB: What’s the best formula for strong social media creative?

TC: Make sure that everything you create is meaningful to someone.

Caporale and I spoke by phone and emailed each other, so I really got to learn a lot about the social media industry. The coolest thing, I’d say, I learned when we spoked was that he believed that Facebook would be last one standing in the end. I personally don’t use Facebook, quite the way I did when I first discovered it. But I cannot wait to see what kinds of things Facebook comes up with to get my generation engaged, once more.


Another thing he told me about social media work, I found was insightful, was that working in this field is not suited for those who just love selfies. It’s really a full-time job, and often times, people take on once platform and spend their whole days working on it. Even though posting takes seconds, “doing it right,” takes up all the time in ones career. You’re not only posting things, you’re running analytics and you’ve gotta be darn creative too. It’s not enough to love Instagram or Facebook, it means having a two-way conversation with your “people (a.k.a. fans)” everyday.

That Time Ben & Jerry’s Made Thousands of Vegans Smile

by Sophia Borghese

Social Media is a place where we go to interact with our friends, or more like where we go when we have no friends at the moment. In some cases, the only true friend we’ll ever come in contact with is food. While human friends might not always be there for us, food always is.

Because food is so good to us, we like it and we choose to show that on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with thumbs and hearts. Every time a new recipe gets whipped up, every time a new food hack is taught and every time a new food reaches the shelves of our favorite grocery stores, social media informs us all and many people smile. Since people have such respect for food, often times these posts are #SocialWins.

In recent, Ben & Jerry’s had their own #SocialWin. The seemingly progressive peaceful and loving ice cream brand from Vermont did something revolutionary and introduced four new dairy free ice creams… What? No, seriously #WTF? Weren’t we taught as kids that all ice cream came from cows jumping over fences? Well, perhaps New Ben & Jerry’s Non-Vegan is here to prove us all wrong.

In the past, one finding out that they (or their children) were lactose intolerant meant giving up plenty of amazing foods, most of which include dessert items. Because this loved ice cream brand has created such certified vegan, dairy-free treats, no one will ever have to give up what they once loved anymore. Four amazing flavors, including two classic Ben & Jerry’s flavors (Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chunky Monkey) will be offered in this line of ice creams (or frozen desserts as they’re technically called).

In terms of social networking, Ben & Jerry’s shared the ice cream’s February 4th, 2016 launch on Facebook the day before and the love slowly blew up.

Screen Shot 2559-02-08 at 14.36.20

Many people with vegan friends have a hard time understanding why their friend would even think to live without meat or dairy, so as they view the diet as a #StruggleIsReal thing, they sympathize with every vegan they know in life. The fact so many non-vegans like Ben & Jerry’s on Facebook, they were the first to see the new products introduced, and with their sympathy they shared the news with all their vegan (or dairy-free) friends.

Slowly but surely, a couple simple photos on Instagram and some short Tweets turned into quite the viral content. First it was on Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page, then it was on merely every vegans personal page and then BuzzFeed, Her Campus and Today (to name a few) were buzzing hardcore about this.

The secret to this 57,500 thumb up earning campaign was Ben & Jerry’s understanding of their consumers and of course their emotions. This ice cream company certainly knows that food hits and emotional spot in the hearts of people, so why not hit that spot with a food that a certain group of deprived individuals were once deprived of. Inventing the ice cream was a good idea, but they way they advertised it was brilliant and a #SocialWin!!

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