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Glenn Avenue Soap Company Campaign Proposal

Our ultimate goal for Glenn Avenue Soap Company is to increase social media following by incorporating our client more into the local community of Columbus and increasing brand loyalty and recognition. We developed three different tactics that incorporate this goal and help accomplish it. Each tactic brings our brand into the community, encourages following, and increases our brand recognition among the audience.

Team Glenn Avenue Soap Company from left — Erin Pogue, Kelsey Miller, Mira Kuhar

Team Glenn Avenue Soap Company from left — Erin Pogue, Kelsey Miller, Mira Kuhar

         One tactic is to create an event out of a partnership with other local businesses. We chose local breweries because we can make the connection between them and the beer soaps we make using their beers. The idea here is to bring our name into other audiences and continue to idea to support local businesses. There is a “sharing” contest on Facebook of the event page that the breweries and us will be posting about. It encourages people to follow us and share the event page as well as including their own part of the post saying why they are excited (modified UGC)  and using #SudsForSuds for a chance to win some free drinks at the event. There is also a raffle contest during the event that forces people to visit all the breweries on the crawl to get their tickets fully punched to enter, as well as encourages them to follow us on Facebook because we will be revealing the winners the next day on our account. This furthers our goal to increase social media following.

        Another Tactic is an Instagram photo contest that encourages followers to share soap carving photos of summer images. This builds a brand community and encourages interaction with our account. It also encourages the purchase of our own soaps through promotional content with the contest. They must tag our account in the photo as well as using the hashtag #SudsySummer. This helps continue to put our name out to more followers and gets them interested in checking out what we are doing and possibly joining in on the fun.

        Our third tactic is on Twitter, which incorporates the Clippers baseball team. Once again, we strive to get our name out there with other local brands, especially names that are bigger than Glenn Avenue’s, which can help bring us up in the community as well. This Twitter campaign is also revolved around followers engaging with our posts to help us reach a greater audience through retweets of our content. This is a tactic targeted at the families of our target consumers because we are revolving the contest around a giveaway of family-pack tickets to a Clippers game. This tactic will increase engagement and further our name within the local Columbus community.

        Our campaign time period takes place from April-June because of the idea of warmer weather activities and mindsets that our tactics promote. It is the time that people will be most active and willing to participate in events and can relate to our contests. Through our tactics, we will create a stronger sense of brand loyalty and recognition within the Columbus community and build a long-term relationship with our audience.



#FindTheTruck #FindAFriend Campaign Proposal

By Jasmine Grillmeier, Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams

The Boutique Truck is Columbus, Ohio’s first mobile fashion truck specializing in trendy and cute clothing. The truck travels around different areas of Columbus and the surrounding Ohio areas to set up shop and host parties. They have a decent social media presence currently, but their presence could be improved. In this report, we will provide a detailed campaign proposal that is aimed to increase foot traffic to The Boutique Truck at its daily locations as well as improving their social media presence and reach.

Team Boutique Truck from left — Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams, Jasmine Grillmeier

Team Boutique Truck from left — Liz Sanz, Shyann Williams, Jasmine Grillmeier

The campaign we will be proposing in this document will be the #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign. This campaign will include both hashtags and three social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The Boutique Truck is already present on Facebook and Instagram, but slightly inconsistent with posting. This campaign will level out the consistency of posts and will create a new presence on Snapchat for the brand. The #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign will encourage followers to post their own pictures in order to receive a discount at The Boutique Truck’s stop, which will be explained in more detail in the strategies and tactics portions of this plan.

The #FindTheTruck #FindAFriend campaign will rely heavily on user generated content in order to increase The Boutique Truck’s reach on social media. This campaign also has the ability to reach a new audience by adding Snapchat to the mix. All three of these social media platforms will be relatively easy to evaluate when looking at the results. We believe that if The Boutique Truck follows this campaign precisely, they will not only increase foot traffic at the shop, but will also widely expand their reach on social media, ultimately leading to a more successful business. 


Our campaign is centered on a new Twitter account, @JoinUSColumbus, and a new hashtag, #KeystoColumbus. The overarching goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of the Certified Tourism Ambassador program in Columbus, while the more specific objective is to obtain 3,000 followers on the new Twitter account. We aim to reach 3,000 followers for @JoinUsColumbus in the three months of the ongoing campaign, from May 1 to August 1, 2016.

Team Experience Columbus from left — Alex Schell, Amanda Moline, Lincoln Rinehart, Garrett Smith

Team Experience Columbus from left — Alex Schell, Amanda Moline, Lincoln Rinehart, Garrett Smith

We plan to obtain these followers through a successful #KeystoColumbus campaign that will stretch across the Twitter and Facebook accounts for Experience Columbus, as well as the new Join US Columbus Twitter. After the successful completion of the Certified Tourism Ambassador program, participants will be given a physical key along with their certificate. CTAs will be encouraged to take photos of themselves and their key at “key” places to visit in Columbus and email them to a designated email. @JoinUSColumbus will post these photos, @ExpCols will retweet some of the best photos, and the Experience Columbus Facebook page will showcase an album of about 300 of the best photos.

This campaign will encourage engagement not only with current CTAs, but also with prospective CTAs who would like to learn more about the program and the fun aspects of receiving the certificate. The increased hype centered on #KeystoColumbus will bring attention to the Certified Tourism Ambassador program in Columbus and, in turn, increase enrollment into the program.

Donate Life America Campaign Pitch

“You never think it will happen to you.” This mindset gives us the courage to take risks, but it can also prevent us from taking action. Organ donation is a tough subject to approach, but what if we changed that? What if audiences of Donate Life knew exactly why organ donation was important and how they could help? Thanks to social media, it is now easier than ever to get a message out. We believe that Donate Life can achieve this by utilizing the existing channels of Twitter and Facebook and expanding its messaging to Snapchat.

Team Donate Life from left — Hannah Bortz, Emily Barber, Kiley Landusky, Ellie Halter

Team Donate Life from left — Hannah Bortz, Emily Barber, Kiley Landusky, Ellie Halter

Audiences of Donate Life span all age groups, but social media would allow for targeting of certain demographics. The combined advantages of each channel – Facebook’s storytelling, Snapchat’s personal touch, and Twitter’s condensed updates and widespread reach – provide the perfect combination for a successful campaign. Donate Life already has proven its success on Facebook and Twitter through storytelling and emotional messaging, but there is always room to improve. A campaign focused on raising the overall awareness of organ donation with an objective of increasing numbers of registered donors would result in better brand recognition, higher engagement and a difference in donor numbers.

If anyone knows how valuable life is, it’s the audiences of Donate Life. This campaign would relay the idea that organ donation is a basic human responsibility. It only takes a minute to register, but that minute can mean years of a healthy life to someone in need.

Brothers Drake #EntertainWithMEAD

Through our Social Media Campaign Proposal, the primary goal is to increase the bond between Brothers Drake Meadery and the community, as well as the consumers around them. Brothers Drake Meadery cares about the community in Columbus, and wants to give back to them the freshest mead made from locally grown ingredients.

Team Brothers Drake from left — Riley Carlton, Jillian Barcia, Tiffany Bey, Erica Stonehill

Team Brothers Drake from left — Riley Carlton, Jillian Barcia, Tiffany Bey, Erica Stonehill

With hopes of increasing social media engagement across three platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest), Brothers Drake can create more buzz marketing and word-of—mouth advertising. We want the consumers to create user generated content that can not only give tips to Brothers Drake, but to other community members as well. Through this, we will use #EntertainWithMEAD and #HelpMEAD hashtags to track the engagement rates and therefore create conversion rates of how well our user content increased from start to finish.

Across the three social media platforms we chose to implement for this campaign proposal, we want to increase the content in which Brothers Drake publishes as well as its consumers. We hope to make Brothers Drake more than just a local hang out with the freshest mead in town. In addition, we hope to have Brothers Drake’s social media accounts be a hot spot for entertaining tips including cooking and drink recipes, partying tips and overall tips for when you’re hosting an event. These tips can be shared and people can then give their impact and feedback. Customer satisfaction is an extremely important objective for us to keep track of, therefore the feedback being conducted throughout the three month period can influence any new flavors or recipes served at Brothers Drake in house facilities.

Brothers Drake Meadery is a unique brand because they have a strong social media presence currently. They keep themselves immersed in the community through their social media platforms of Twitter and Facebook, but there is even more that they can do. We are determined to make Brothers Drake be a one stop shop for both locally made drinks and food as well as a place to find tips and ask any question including mead.

COSI Proposal

After a thorough analysis, it is clear that COSI’s social media presence needs improving as a whole. We decided it was necessary to restructure the initial objective of the analysis from increasing awareness of one event, Up All Night, to increasing the awareness of all events at COSI. We plan to do this multiple different ways, such as promoting and broadcasting events more effectively by using social media.

Team COSI from left — Jonah Ort, Katie Abbott, Scotty Moore

Team COSI from left — Jonah Ort, Katie Abbott, Scotty Moore

Overall Objective: Increase awareness of COSI’s events by 30% within 3 months by measuring engagement of event-related posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Our proposal has multiple stages that we believe will achieve, even surpass, the overall objective. First, Twitter will be a live feed of all events taking place at COSI. These posts will also include polls, competitions, and other ways for users to engage with the brand. Second, Instagram will be efficiently utilized, mostly focusing on the use of video. We want the user to see all the fun taking place at COSI and feel like he or she is missing out. Third, Snapchat will be incorporated as a behind-the-scenes view of what happens at COSI’s events and increase event awareness.

To support these three stages, we have built out a three month comprehensive social media posting calendar. Each platform will support one another, whether it is posting a snap story on Instagram or an Instagram posts that redirects the user to Twitter to vote on a poll. 

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to analyze and compose a social media campaign for COSI. We appreciate all of your time and consideration. If you have any questions regarding the information in this proposal, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Thank You,

Katherine Abbott, ka099711(at)ohio.edu

Jonah Ort, jo206011(at)ohio.edu

Scott Moore, sm490613(at)ohio.edu

Rag-O-Rama and The Salvation Army join together for Spring Cleaning

According to Brand Bastion Incorporated, the role of social media in retail marketing has massively increased over the last 10 years. In an article, they found that social media drives more retail traffic than any other channel while building and maintaining brand reputation, while acquiring and maintaining consumers (Brand Bastion, 2014). Based on this information, our team created a social media campaign for our client Rag-O-Rama.

Team Rag-O-Rama from left — Meredith Wylie, Reagan Canaday, Justin Gamble and Sophia Borghese

Team Rag-O-Rama from left — Meredith Wylie, Reagan Canaday, Justin Gamble and Sophia Borghese

Our client’s goal is to increase engagement among social media platforms. In order to create a clearer vision for the campaign, we construct the objective to increase posts of original user-generated content on social media platforms by 40% in 3 months. This gave us a clear and measurable time frame in order to create the most successful campaign. In order to achieve the goal and objective we created the “Spring Cleaning with The Salvation Army”. Over three months, Our client Rag-O-Rama will work with The Salvation Army to collect clothing in their store. Whatever cannot be bought back for money or store credit, they will ask consumers to donate them to the salvation army in return for 10% off their next purchase.

The campaign will utilize the top three social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Through this campaign we will use Instagram in order to drive sales by posting retail items and available merchandise. Through twitter, the goal is to create personal relationships with our clients and create positive relationships with consumers. Lastly, our campaign will use Facebook in order to gain reach, give information to consumers. and promote the campaign through ads.


Campaign Proposal Presentation:


Brand Bastion Incorporated (2014).  Risks and Benefits of Social Media to Retailers.

(April 25, 2016). Retrieved from: https://www.brandbastion.com/risks-and-benefits-of-social-media-to-retailers


#UniqueIsYou – Mukha Spa

Mukha Cosmetics is a fast growing makeup company whose goal is to increase recognition of their unique custom cosmetics line. We want to raise our brand awareness by 20% by the end of August 2016. Our main priorities are to offer superior quality products and deliver excellent customer satisfaction. To keep up with our competitors, it is essential for us to create a two-way conversation with our audience and increase consumer engagement. Mukha Cosmetics is currently established on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but we are making a Pinterest presence in order for our campaign launch to be successful. Our users will engage with a variety of social media platforms, thus allowing us to reach the maximum amount of people.

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke

Team Mukha from left — Madison Chelminski, Rachel, Sider, Ashley Tucciarone, Ciara Sebecke


Our campaign, #UniqueIsYou, will promote a custom color line and demonstrate that every individual in our audience is unique. We are showing our target consumer that Mukha Cosmetics can help every user love themselves by providing them a custom color that best suits them. The color we provide them will be based on a tweet that they send us describing their personality. This personal message will allow our consumers to love their own unique self, helps the company reach a maximum amount of consumers, and enables our audience to feel like they have our undivided attention.  We have planned out our strategies, organized a three month calendar, and we will use social media tactics to achieve our goals and objectives, and increase brand awareness for Mukha Cosmetics.

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