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Hannah Bortz reveals Instagram superpowers in story for The Post

Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Vine can create a new kind of fame for users

Alex Darus | For The Post

On average, Hannah Bortz posts on Instagram every other day and usually receives about 500 likes per post. Her highest-liked post received close to 2,000 likes and she currently has more than 14,000 followers.

After interning with Chubbies Shorts this past summer in San Francisco, Bortz, a senior studying specialized studies with a concentration in journalism, communication studies and recreation, said she received a large influx of followers.

“I think with any form of sudden notoriety, sudden celebrity, it’s bound to cause a person some kind of psychological adjustment,” Karen Riggs, coordinator of the Scripps College social media certificate, said. “Sometimes that has to do with an unrealistic bump in self esteem. Sometimes it’s validation that might be well deserved and earned.”

However, when it comes to the way celebrities are created through social media, Riggs, who is also a professor in School of Media Arts and Studies, compares it to a roman candle.

“It is fame that can come quickly and go quickly,” Riggs said. “There’s a pressure there that people feel internally to keep up that fame, generally speaking.”

Mark Dohner, who spent three years in Athens studying journalism and is graduating in the spring after finishing classes online, began making videos of parties and fests when he attended OU. While attending OU, he met his current roommate, Logan Paul, a famous Vine star who also attended OU.

“I can attribute most of my following to other people,” Dohner said. “Making fest videos was the first time I ever picked up a camera and edited it. I kind of have a knack for it.”

Dohner has more than 45,000 followers on Instagram and more than 8 million vine loops. He also has more than 5,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Read the full story via The Post Athens at http://m.thepostathens.com/culture/social-media-platforms-such-as-instagram-and-vine-can-create/article_5ea1139c-002c-11e6-a0a1-ab5fce438f2e.html?mode=jqm