by Lauren Reed, Jenna Finer and Katie Trombetti

Utilize the Athens Farmers Market’s current Facebook page to promote two different approaches to increase Valentine’s Day revenue and social media engagement.

  1. Get Personal (Think ‘Humans of New York’): Speak to/ photograph shoppers during the month prior to Valentine’s Day asking what they plan on cooking with what they are buying. Post photo of interaction featuring a description and recipe suggestion for item being purchased.
  2. Mockup of Facebook post for "Keep Your Love Fresh" campaign

    Mockup of Facebook post for “Keep Your Love Fresh” campaign

    Advertise the benefits:
    — “Keep Your Love Fresh” campaign will offer at $30 voucher to the Athens Farmers Market, and a bouquet of flowers, to a random selected individual who posts to their business’s Facebook page what they are cooking for the holiday, featuring an item sold at the market. All submissions will be entered into a drawing and one person will win on Valentine’s Day.

    — Post daily features of local food items sold at the market, link to their individual websites (Crumbs Bakery, Fluff Bakery, Blackberry Sage Farm, etc.)
    — Put fliers promoting the campaign at local bars, shops and restaurants around Athens. Since the campaign is temporary there is no time or advantage to creating a new social media presence through Twitter or other online networks.

Campaign success will be monitored by comparing sales from past year’s Valentine’s Day activity.

The campaign will be triumphant because of the trust and customer loyalty with the client. Since 2006 there has been a 180% increase in farmer market operations. Because Athens in so small, the Athens Farmers Market definitely provides an outlet for food for many people in the region.

Lauren Reed, Jenna Finer and Katie Trombetti making the Keep Love Fresh pitch

Lauren Reed, Jenna Finer and Katie Trombetti making the Keep Your Love Fresh pitch