While creating our personal brand for Mukha Cosmetics, we brainstormed a few qualities of Mukha that stood out to us. One was their higher end price. Mukha Cosmetics are definitely not cheap and attract a more mature, older crowd. When making Mukha Cosmetics into a person, we thought of a mature Female who craves high-end goods and fashion.

The first thing we discussed while making Mukha a person was creating a human who was not afraid to drop money. This is why we said our personal brand; Megan would love to check out the Saks Fifth Avenue window and shop. We said Megan was an Ohioan living in New York because Mukha is in Ohio but has a Midwest meets East Coast kind of feel. Although Mukha is in Short North, Columbus, which is a very up and coming city, who strives to one day be like a New York City. They want to reach out to women in there 30’s who maybe love engaging in the latest trends. This is why we designed Megan as an Ohioan looking for a 30-year-old friend in New York to paint and shop with her.

A challenged we faced while creating Megan was trying to make her real and a diva simultaneously.  We did not want Mukha to come off as a snobby, materialistic product. However, we wanted to make the point that Mukha is not a cheap product and if it were a person they would love higher-end goods.

This QuickFire challenge will improve our campaign planning by helping us visualize exactly who Mukha is as a brand. When we talked about whom Megan would want as a friend that was equivalent to brain storming who Mukha wants as a client. It also helps us discover what would attract the client to participate in a campaign of Mukha’s by having an idea of who they are as a brand and what interests both their brand and their clients have in common.


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Hello, my name is Megan and I am a 27 year old Ohio native and have recently moved to the big apple. I graduated in 2006 with a double major in fashion and journalism from Kent State University. I recently got promoted to Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan magazine and am looking to meet some girl friends in the area. I am single and live with my two cats in my studio apartment on the upper east side of New York. I am obsessed with art, fashion and music. I am definitely miss independent but would love a friend to accompany me on my daily runs and to show me all the cool bars in NYC. When I’m not working, you are almost guaranteed to find me enjoying a glass of wine while painting or writing for my fashion blog.

I would love to attend a pottery or painting class and maybe grab some sushi with someone familiar to the area! I love helping others so don’t worry if you are new to creating art. Also, don’t worry if you are in your 30s because I’d like to think I am mature for my age! After grabbing some dinner I would love to check out Fifth Avenue to window shop and look at all of the designer boutiques.I am constantly shopping online and would love to check out some outfits in person at Saks or Nordstrom.

If this sounds like a fun way to spend your friday night- please contact me at meganmukha@gmail.com! 🙂