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Learning the “Business” of Social Media

Information from “8 Resources to Learn the Business of Social Media” by Eric Stoller, Higher Education.com

In class we have discussed various social media platforms and how to select the best platform for your company. The 8 Resources to Learn the Business of Social Media, by Eric Stoller, takes an in depth look at 8 top social media sites and how higher education businesses can utilize them. Stoller addresses Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn and Tumbler and what these sites offer higher education institutions as businesses, but the advice can easily translate to any business entity.

The article offers a short description of each outlet, links to learn more about each outlet, and each description mentions different help tactics such as “Pinning Principles” and “Creator Playbook”. This article provides help and guidance to any company looking to add more social media to its strategic communication tactics as well as individuals who are already engaged but wish to strengthen their communication knowledge in the social world. Something I really like about this article is how Stoller presents the information. He does so in a way that allows any type of audience to understand the information. People who may not be extremely tech savvy or someone who has no idea how to use social media would not struggle to understand and learn from the information. Below is a link to the article to learn more about the tactics Stoller provides.


Read the full article at https://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/student-affairs-and-technology/8-resources-learn-business-social-media